Script to setup Windows 10 1903
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Sophia Script for Windows

Sophia Script

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About Sophia Script

Typing SVG

Note: Sophia Script for Windows is the largest PowerShell module on GitHub for Windows 10 & Windows 11 for fine-tuning and automating the routine tasks. It offers more than 150 unique tweaks, and shows how Windows can be configured without making any harm to it.

Before running

Note: Due to the fact that the script includes more than 150 functions with different arguments, you must read the entire Sophia.ps1 carefully and comment out/uncomment those functions that you do/do not want to be executed (without need to edit the code), or use Wrapper. Every tweak in the preset file has its' corresponding function to restore the default settings. Running the script is best done on a fresh install because running it on wrong tweaked system may result in errors occurring.



System Requirements

Version Marketing name Build Arch Editions
Windows 11 Insider Preview 23H2 2023 Update 22509+ Home/Pro/Enterprise
Windows 11 22H2 2022 Update 22621.1702+ Home/Pro/Enterprise
Windows 10 22H2 2022 Update 19045.2965+ x64 Home/Pro/Enterprise
Windows 10 21H2 Enterprise LTSC 2021 October 2021 Update 19044.2965+ x64 Enterprise
Windows 10 1809 Enterprise LTSC 2019 October 2018 Update 17763.4377+ x64 Enterprise


  • It's allowed to be logged in as one admin user only during application startup.
  • 🔥🔥🔥Sophia Script for Windows may not work on a homebrew Windows. Especially, if the homebrew image was created by OS makers being all thumbs who break Microsoft Defender and disable OS telemetry by purposely uprooting system components

Key features

  • Set up Privacy & Telemetry;
  • Enable DNS-over-HTTPS for IPv4;
  • Turn off diagnostics tracking scheduled tasks with pop-up form written in WPF;
  • Set up UI & Personalization;
  • Uninstall OneDrive "correctly";
  • Interactive prompts;
  • The TAB completion for functions and their arguments (if using the Functions.ps1 file);
  • Change %TEMP% environment variable path to %SystemDrive%\Temp;
  • Change location of the user folders programmatically (without moving user files) within interactive menu using arrows to select a drive
    • "Desktop"
    • "Documents"
    • "Downloads"
    • "Music"
    • "Pictures"
    • "Videos"
  • Install free (light and dark) "Windows 11 Cursors Concept v2" cursors from Jepri Creations on-the-fly;
  • Uninstall UWP apps displaying packages names;
    • Generate installed UWP apps list dynamically
  • Restore the default uninstalled UWP apps for current user displaying localized packages names;
  • The TAB autocompletion for function and its' arguments by typing first letters;
  • Disable Windows features displaying friendly packages names with pop-up form written in WPF;
  • Uninstall Windows capabilities displaying friendly packages names with pop-up form written in WPF;
  • Download and install the HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer to be able to open HEVC format;
  • Register app, calculate hash, and set as default for specific extension without the "How do you want to open this" pop-up using special function;
  • Export all Windows associations. Associations will be exported as Application_Associations.json file in script root folder;
  • Import exported JSON file after a clean installation. You have to install all apps according to an exported JSON file to restore all associations;
  • Install any supported Linux distrobution for WSL displaying friendly distro names with pop-up form written in WPF;
  • Create a Windows Cleanup and Windows Cleanup Notification scheduled tasks for Windows cleaning up unused files and updates;
    • A native toast notification will be displayed where you can choose to snooze, run the cleanup task or dismiss
  • Create tasks in the Task Scheduler to clear
    • %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution\Download
    • %TEMP%
  • Pin shortcuts to Start via pure PowerShell
    • Three shortcuts are pre-configured to be pinned: Control Panel, "old style" Devices and Printers, and Windows PowerShell
  • Unpin all Start menu tiles;
  • Turn on Controlled folder access and add protected folders using dialog menu;
  • Add exclusion folder from Microsoft Defender Antivirus scanning using dialog menu;
  • Add exclusion file from Microsoft Defender Antivirus scanning using dialog menu;
  • Refresh desktop icons, environment variables and taskbar without restarting File Explorer;
  • Configure the Windows security;
  • Display all policy registry keys (even manually created ones) in the Local Group Policy Editor snap-in (gpedit.msc);
  • Many more File Explorer and context menu "deep" tweaks.


The TAB autocomplete. Read more here

Change user folders location programmatically using the interactive menu

Localized UWP packages names

Image Image

Localized Windows features names

Image Image

Download and install any supported Linux distribution in automatic mode


Native interactive toasts for the scheduled tasks


@BenchTweakGaming Sophia Script Wrapper





How to use

  • Choose the right script version for your Windows;
  • Download up-to-date version;
  • Expand the archive;
  • Open folder with the expanded archive;
  • Look through the Sophia.ps1 file to configure functions that you want to be run;
    • Place the "#" char before function if you don't want it to be run.
    • Remove the "#" char before function if you want it to be run.
  • Copy the whole path to Sophia.ps1
    • On Windows 10 press and hold the Shift key, right click on Sophia.ps1, and click on Copy as path;
    • On Windows 11 right click on Sophia.ps1 and click on Copy as path.
  • Open Windows PowerShell
    • On Windows 10 click File in the File Explorer, hover over Open Windows PowerShell, and select Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator (how-to with screenshots)
    • On Windows 11 right-click on the Windows icon and open Windows Terminal (Admin);
  • Set execution policy to be able to run scripts only in the current PowerShell session;
  Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force
  • Run Sophia.ps1

    • On Windows 10 paste copied path to Sophia.ps1 from the previous step (with &);
    & <path_from_buffer>
    • On Windows 11

How to use Wrapper

  • Download and expand the archive;
  • Run SophiaScriptWrapper.exe and import Sophia.ps1;
    • Sophia.ps1 has to be in Sophia Script folder;
    • The Wrapper has a real time UI rendering;
  • Configure every function;
  • Open the Console Output tab and press Run PowerShell.

How to run the specific function(s)

To run the specific function(s) dot source the Functions.ps1 file first:

# With a dot at the beginning
. .\Functions.ps1
  • Now you can do like this (the quotation marks required)
Sophia -FunctionsTAB
Sophia -Functions temp<TAB>
Sophia -Functions unin<TAB>
Sophia -Functions uwp<TAB>
Sophia -Functions "DiagTrackService -Disable", "DiagnosticDataLevel -Minimal", UninstallUWPApps

UninstallUWPApps, "PinToStart -UnpinAll"

Or use an old-style format without the TAB functions autocomplete (the quotation marks required)

.\Sophia.ps1 -Functions CreateRestorePoint, "ScheduledTasks -Disable", "WindowsCapabilities -Uninstall"

How to download Sophia Script via PowerShell

  • Download the always latest Sophia Script archive by invoking (not as administrator too) in PowerShell
irm -useb | iex
  • The command will download and expand the latest Sophia Script archive (without running) according which Windows and PowerShell versions it is run on. If you run it on, e.g., Windows 11 via PowerShell 5.1, it will download Sophia Script for Windows 11 PowerShell 5.1.

How to translate

  • Get your OS UI culture by invoking $PSUICulture in PowerShell;
  • Create a folder with the UI culture name;
  • Place your localized Sophia.psd1 file into this folder.


SophiApp Community Edition (C# + WPF)

SophiApp is the full GUI version of Sophia Script for Windows and ready for use. It is in ongoing improvements with version 2.0 in development 🚀

Image Image